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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Root Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with ChainFire the Easy Way

Chainfire’s CF-Root is currently the most used program when it comes to rooting Android based devices. The file works with Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S3. There are several precise steps you need to accomplish in order to root Samsung Galaxy Note 2, so make sure you carefully read this entire article.

Safety measures are always important; for that matter, you must take into account the fact that the warranty of the device will become void once you install the root. Reinstalling Samsung’s official firmware is the only solution you have to unroot the smartphone and regain the warranty.

Galaxy Note 2 USB drivers are essentials for the operation you are about to perform, so make sure you download and install them on your computer. The next tools you need to download are Chainfire CF-Root and Odin3 v3.04. Unzip the folders to get access to the necessary files and begin by launching the Odin3 v3.04 file.

At this stage, your device needs to be turned off and rebooted in download mode. This step is performed by pressing and holding the volume down, home and power buttons until the screen is turned on. You will enter the download mode by holding down the volume up button.

The phone needs to be connected to the PC with the help of a USB cable in order to continue the root. Odin will automatically detect it, prompting an ADDED message on the screen. Click the PDA button to select the CF-Auto-Root-SGN2.tar and uncheck the re-partition option in case it has been ticked.

Run Odin to begin the installation. The message PASS should be displayed on the screen if the installation is successful; otherwise, the smartphone will display a FAIL message meaning that you have to close Odin and unplug the device from the computer.

At the end of the installation, you may disconnect your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from the computer. The rooted device may now be accessorized with as many root-based apps as you like.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Battery Life Review

Smartphones and tablets usually have a short battery life because they are provided with numerous power-draining features and options. There is but one solution if you want to be satisfied with your product, that is, to lower your expectations. In what follows, I will introduce some of the main aspects that buyers will most likely want to know about Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s battery life before purchasing it.
Still, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a pretty good battery run-time; the “phablet” has the best battery life among products of its category. It can last up to 35 hours of talk time and up to 980 hours in standby. Samsung Galaxy S 3, the product that is usually brought in discussion when it comes to comparing the note’s specs, can only offer 22 hours of talk time and at maximum 800 hours in standby which is fairly reasonable for such a great smartphone.

Apple’s iPhone 4S is at the bottom of the list with only 14 hours of battery life during talk time.
Reviewers have subjected Samsung’s larger smartphone to various tests and they have reached the conclusion that the phablet’s battery is the best on the market. The most relevant test was performed by analysts at Techradar, who have continuously run the phone for 12 hours.

The phone received updates from Facebook, Twicca, Gmail and Dropbox, whereas analysts spent most of the day surfing the Internet. At the end of the test, the phone had only 4% battery left, but that was enough for reviewers to conclude that Galaxy Note 2 is the best product they have seen so far.

There are several tricks one can perform to prolong the life of the phone’s battery. The device has a power saving mode and several options that may be selected to save energy.   

5 Useful Tips for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 may be described either as an XXL version of the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone or a tiny tablet. Its much-debated size, however, does not constitute the subject of the present review as we will rather focus on 5 tips and tricks that truly render the “phablet” unique on the market.

1. The Air View
This feature is related to the S Pen accessory and it facilitates the creation of notes because the user no longer has to touch the screen of the smartphone while typing the text. You just simply scribble the words by floating the S Pen above the screen. The letters are immediately recognized by the software and reproduced in the application.

2. Handwriting Input
Much like the previous tip, the handwriting input is another S Pen-related feature that is meant to distinguish the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 among other devices available on the market. This option can be enabled by tapping the button that is placed at the left of the space bar. Once you have enabled this feature, the device will recognize and interpret your handwriting as long as you specify whether you’re left-handed or right-handed.

3. S Voice
There are many applications that may be used to improve the performance of the large smartphone. S Voice got our attention due to the numerous functions it can perform. We could not help compare it with Apple’s Siri because they have more or less the same features. Siri, however, was endowed with a more advanced language interpretation which makes it easier for the owner to communicate with its device.

4. Power Saving Mode
Needless to say, the more advanced a gadget is, the more important the battery life becomes. Thus, being able to switch a power saving mode on to prolong the life of your battery is definitely one of the tricks we’d like to know. There are several options you may choose from, such as, CPU power saving, screen power level, background color and disabling haptic feedback.

5. Improved Camera Features
The camera that was added to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been significantly improved in comparison with the one used on previous models. There are numerous effects that owners may select in order to customize the look of their photos. In addition, Samsung gives customers the possibility to take burst shot images, that is, images with the finest quality.

6. Battery Life
Smartphones fulfill a lot of tasks, so you should try to be more understanding with them when they run out of juice after hours of continuous use. Being forced to charge your smartphone battery after 48 hours or so, is actually a small price to pay considering the great advantages you can get with a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. If battery life is what matters the most to you, you should probably stick to a phone that will only fulfill its basic functions, that is, making and receiving calls.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Best Prices and Discounts

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is an in-between product that may give customers lots of headaches when it comes to choosing their next gadget. Falling somewhere between a smartphone and a tablet, the new Galaxy Note has both advantages and disadvantages.
For starters, the design of the “phablet” was definitely not meant to make customers’ lives easier. Most owners have complaint about the large size of the note which renders it almost impossible to carry around. Galaxy Note 2 is 3.17 inches wide, 5.95 inches tall and 0.37 inches thin, so it cannot be listed under the category of small devices because it usually requires two hands during usage. Despite its rather gigantic dimensions, the smartphone preserves the stylish look of the Samsung Galaxy S III and it can turn out quite useful once you get used to carrying it in your purse.
There is one thing that the Galaxy Note 2 is good at and that is taking notes. The device was endowed with an S Pen that gives architects, personal assistants and students the possibility to reduce the time they normally spend writing notes or drawing sketches. These actions may be performed with the owner’s fingers, as well, which means you are not constrained to use the S Pen if you don’t like it.
If we were to compare the current S Pen with previous versions of the same tool, I’d say the S Pen has been significantly improved. The tool grasps the words you are scribbling on the note’s screen and manages to successfully reproduce them most of the time. However, there are brief moments when the S Pen fails to reproduce the written text and this may lead to frustrating moments as is the case with many similar commands.
Once you take a look at the S Note app, you will most likely use the S Pen more often, in spite of all the glitches. The app gives you the option to modify the writing style of the pen and insert various objects. You don’t even have to tap the screen multiple times to make a command as the S Note app was foreseen with voice dictation.
Another noteworthy feature that is present on Samsung’s larger-than-Galaxy S III smartphone is the 5.5-inch HD Super Amoled Screen that makes colors more vivid than ever. The 8-megapixel camera lives up to the good reputation of the screen.
1. Great 5.5-inch HD Super Amoled screen.
2. S Note app makes the S Pen even more practical.
3. The highly-advanced quad-core processor.
1. The device is too big for a smartphone and too small for a tablet.
2. The price is too big in case you plan on using it as a tablet.
3. There are many other improvements that need to be made for the S Pen.

Easy Steps to Root or Jailbreak Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

You’re probably asking yourselves “why root a smartphone that already grants me permission to an infinite number of free apps and games?” Well, much like Apple’s iPhone, there are many other advantages and benefits one can get by doing a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Root or Jailbreak. And then, there’s always the great feeling of being the true “master” of your own device.
Jailbreaks and roots are not normally accepted by manufacturing companies; therefore, you must bear in mind that there are great risks involved, as well. You are the only one who is responsible in case your smartphone gets broken during the rooting process. Yet, there would be no gain without pain, so you might as well give it a try.
The GT-N7100 version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the only one that can be rooted. Just to be on the safe side, press the Settings option on your Galaxy Note 2, go to the section “About Device” and read the information provided at the section “Model Number”. If the two versions match, it means you are the lucky possessor of a “rootable” device. For additional security measures, back up all the information you may have on your smartphone so it wouldn’t get lost during the rooting process.
There are several files you will use in order to root your device, namely, Samsung USB drivers, Odin – the software that will root your smartphone – and finally the rooting code for GT-N7100. These may be found and downloaded on specific websites on the Internet.
Now that your phone is secured and the battery life is running at 70% or more, you may start to make a few Setting changes so you can fully Root Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Enter Settings > go to the Security section > and look for Device Administration. The “Unknown Sources” in the menu of this section should be checked. The other switch is performed from Settings > Developer Options and “USB debugging” under “Debugging”.
You may now begin to run Odin. You must remember to tick the 'Auto Reboot' and 'Reset Time' once the installation program begins. After unzipping the you must select the file ending in .tar.md5 and add it in the space near the PDA button.
The next step you need to accomplish is to turn your smartphone off and reboot it by pressing the volume down, home and power buttons at the same time. Press the volume up button and continue until a ‘Downloading…’ screen appears on your display. Connect the phone to the PC using the USB and press the Start button in Odin to begin the root. The phone will automatically reboot at the end of the process and if everything goes well, you should be able to download both free and non-free apps at the end of the root.